My name is Jean-Charles Crave (or JC) and I'm the guitarist of Azimus.

Les Quidams at the festival of La Rochelle.
(Merci Jean-François pour la photo)

Chansons pour que fleurisse le geranium?
I rest my case...



Great fun, but little money. I suppose that if money is important, then music isn't an option (unless you're called Mick Jagger or Paul Mac something, but that's just jealousy on my part).


The Untouchables

(The first one was a Les Paul Gold Top

but it was so heavy that in the end I sold it)

Never look for bargains on eBay, otherwise you might end up with a brand new guitar...

A Gibson Les Paul Studio for instance!


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A birthday present from my lovely wife, a new Gibson SG Standard. I love it!
I know, yet again another guitar...


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