Hello, I am Alistair Strating and welcome to the keyboard page! 

When I was in grade 11 I was asked if I would like to join a band to try out for the “Rock Challenge” a contest held in different parts of Tasmania and then a final. The band was called ‘George’s big block’. We were a 7 piece funk/rock band. I had never had any experience with a band or improvising. Thankfully the sax player who was also an awesome jazz pianist showed me a few tricks. I quickly learned the blues scale and combining that with the scales I already knew I was off to a good start. This first experience of a rock band for me was awesome and I will always remember that year of school with lots of laughs.

My other love is the French horn. I started playing in primary school and already with a sound knowledge of music I picked it up quickly. I loved horn lessons especially since the horn teacher taught in school hours and I would miss out on maths or english to be there. I would often stay far longer than my designated ½ hour because others would forget their lessons. When I was in year 10 I applied to go to the Conservatorium of Music Junior program. I was accepted and the one year that I spent there had a huge influence on my horn playing. I finally was with players of equal caliber and was taught by the principal horn player of the Queensland Philharmonic. I continue to play the horn, playing with the University of Tasmania Wind Orchestra. I also enjoy bringing out the horn and having a blow with the band…..who knows?




Me practicing and my daughter Sophie trying to help!






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